Costa Rican coffee & cacao

cultivated with love

Flavor and Benefits

We offer a wide range of coffee, cacao products, all of which are flavorful and beneficial. Our coffee is grown using the honey method, which gives it a smooth and unique flavor. Our cacao is grown on indigenous lands and is certified organic.


At Pura Vida Botanicals, we cultivate our coffee, cacao products sustainably and responsibly in Costa Rica. We believe that quality starts with the land, which is why we are proud to work with local farmers who share our commitment to sustainability.


We are committed to operating sustainably and responsibly. We use sustainable farming practices to protect the environment. We also commit to supporting local communities.

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100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao

$19.99 – $29.99

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Costa Rican Coffee – Pure Arabica Coffee

$11.99 – $19.99

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70% Cacao with 30% Organic Cane Sugar

$19.99 – $29.99

Size / weight

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